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Girl Alone, straight

Hair Color: Black
Zodiacal Sign: Cancer
Height (cm): 1,55
Weight (kg): 60
Breast Size: Big
Smoker: YES
Drinker: YES
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hello! *************************************************************** ***My name is Sandra, I am 29 years old and from beautiful Birmingham in U.K. If you have been in my room before, you will have noticed that I am not your typical camgirl. ***I am a very sensual woman, and it is this sensuality along with my sexuality and the sublime beauty of a shapely, athletic female body that I enjoy showing to you and the world. This can be through dancing, teasing, stripping or just through a meaningful look into the lens of the webcam, in lieu of your eyes, biting my lower lip, or whispering sweet nothings into your ears. As the night progresses, it may get a little (alright very) naughty, too, in my room. All of a sudden, we may find ourselves in the shower, in the bathtub, on the bed, or even on the balcony and try to come up with new and exciting fantasies and ways to tease, torture and please each other. It is very important to me to share all that with you, because this is what it takes for me to really enjoy my time online spending time with my friends and finding new ones while I am killing you all (and you frequently are killing me) in the nicest possible way. ***I have a pretty expressive face (do I need to mention that left eyebrow?), so if you happen to get to know me a little bit, it will be very easy for you to read my emotions. I can also be very sarcastic and a smart ass, so use your sense of humor and don't get offended, because I don't mean to be rude (unless, of course, I do, LOL). I believe that people should be able to laugh and make fun of themselves. I don't like negativity. I am doing my best to smile and make your day a little bit better while you are in my room, so please play along and look at the bright side (e.g., me). ***Anyways, I'll stop here before this turns into a novel. Feel free to follow me on mesaj (see below), write me an adultwok.com mail, and, more importantly, join me online to see for yourself, say hi, and ask any questions you may still have. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I believe that I'm different and that I will find a way to make it worth your while spending time with me, if you only let me. *************************************************************** Thank you for your time reading this!Kisses *************************************************************** *************************************************************** ROOM RULES *************************************************************** *** 1. SMILE & HAVE FUN After all this is what it is about,isn't it? Just don't take yourself to seriously. *** 2.CHECK ROOM TOPIC & DISCOUNT MENU If you have request,please ask before you join me group or private (and by the way: no illegal stuff) *** 3. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT If you don't like it in my room,just move on instead of being rude. My friends are answering questions/positing nice thins on my behalf so I can pay attention to you *** 4. DON'T DISCUSS OTHER MODELS Neither insult nor advertise them,please *** 5.NO LINKS TO OTHERS SITES,PLEASE *** 6. THINK OF OTHERS, DON'T BE GROSS *** 7.BEGGING WONT WORK I don't beg if is not a long prv or tips good *** 8.NO DIRECTORS NEEDED Just let me do my thing,I know what I am doing *** 9.I APPRECIATE YOU PRV GRP OR TIPS A LOT Each and every prv grp or tip counts and helps. *** 10 FEEL FREE TO STAY &CHAT; even if you can't tonight.Maybe YOU will have some to spare next time or time after thet.

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